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All Songs Recorded April 2012 at Tempermill studios.


released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


The Flaks Detroit, Michigan

The Flaks came together in early 2009, at the tender age of 13 years.

2009 - 2014



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Track Name: 15's & 7
I lay my head on my pillow and scream.
I'm scared to fall asleep 'cos of my dreams.

These things you fill my head with are not what I want to deal with.
These things make me fuckng scared.

Where do you think my friend is now?
All the way accross the town
in the I.G.A. and getting kicked out.
It's fiffteen on seven.
I kiss goodbye to heaven.
This just means we're all going down

Getting chased by a gang of kids,
I don't know when it's gonna end.

I'm gonna hide behind a wall,
prayin' to God that it won't fall.
These things make me fucking scared
Track Name: Y.A.B.
Lately I've been feeling cold,
an ache right down to the bone,
a feeling learned.

Cold can sometime numb the pain,
if it's cold enough to burn.
This cold don't burn.

And you'd think'
I could take the smallest bit of pain with a smile.
Ain't nothing left but ache.
I just wanna let go for a while.

I couldn't find a reason why
not to waste my time
I want to nullify my life

with this or that.
A noose around my neck?
Lay awake another wasted night.

With everything that you do,
did you ever think it through?
Or did you give up just to bring them down with you?

See-through skin like cellophane,
a cloud of smoke to numb the pain:
a wet cloth wrap that racks my brain

with this or that,
another panic attack.
I can tell I'm 'bout to have a bash!

And you'd think'
I could take the smallest bit of pain with a smile.
Ain't nothing left but ache.
I just wanna let go for a while.
And you'd think'
I could take the smallest bit of pain with a smile.
Too weak to say a thing.
Or is that pride? I thought I let that die?
Track Name: Silica
Kick the dog and watch it bleed.
A pat on the back leads to a broken spine.
You've lost all' your morals.
You've tried and tried, but didn't try enough.

you had a filthy mind then you got brainwashed.
Now it's all dried up.
Just don't try to play in the mud
with me.

Shoot the messenger in the back.
The truth cleanses just like razor wire.
You die of a heart-attack
every-time you fall in love, it's sick.
I'm sick of it.
Track Name: What Do You Really Want From Me?
A daggar put between us in jest
when your strangest stranger's your closest friend.

Siring cries f apathy
said by you, not heard by me.
You said' I was the only one.

I promis to,
to keep my word to you
Manage telepathy?
What do you really want from me?
Track Name: Aquarious Scum
I saw a man the other day
with a cardboard sign and scars on his face.
He asked me for some change.

Now I just sit, and wonder when
I'll get my chance to be like him.
And I just watch my world go by.

I have a fear of what could be.
Beggars can't be chooses.
I guess it takes sometime to see.
Try to compromise with me.

I saw a man the other day,
he got in the bottle's way.
Now he'll never be the same.

And in a room with all my friends
I feel alone it seems, again.
Don't let me out, just make it stop.

This and those, I must confess.
That diamond ring I bought you has turned to brass.
And like so many things in life,
you'd rather be blind of what you're wise.

When will I be writing cardboard philosophy.
To you it's the end.
To me it's worth it, and I'm loosing all' my friends.
Track Name: Matthew Greenwalt
Heavy, heavy hang-over.
Wait. Don't tell me. It's about to dribble out' my tongue.

I had a dream the other night
where connotations of three words were in your eyes.

I think that I might think to death.
I breath this speech with your breath.
I seemed to have found my way in (and I can't stay well swept).

You can't see me in front of you--
I can't hide behind my hands in front' my eyes.

Hey, did that choice choose to
take that final leap into acceptance?

Silence is an action.
Quiet surcease: Delirium.
A falling-dream, a dizzy-spell.
Reaction: the loudest sound!
Track Name: Cinderella's Attic
Two worlds colliding.
Ineffable lust on my brain.
Learn how to think or go insane.

The time slaughter,
water is turing red.
Scattered eyes
as I sink into my bed.

And If you find yourself,
don’t be surprised
you will find that you’ve realized.

If you could see yourself
from another’s eyes,
you could swim for miles until you find you’re blind.

Mass confusion
of the clearness of my thought.
Anything you could imagine.
Everything you ever sought.
Track Name: Flat-Line
A broken grin to watch the sunrise
alone in my room.
A dampened sweat never felt so cold.

I get restless when I think about you.
I wanna know if you feel restless too.

Come with me into a dream,
a place where I don't feel alone.
I'll bite my lip if I leave,
just don't let me leave alone.

A blank wall's staring back at me.
My world is so small.
On the verge of a panic attack.

Mental masturbation and sleep.
My eyes are so burnt.
I promise you it won't hurt.

I had no direction home.
Got lost in a daydream.
Forgot how to love myself.
The smoke pours out (when you're with me).

I have no direction to where I plan on going,
but as long as it's with you
I'd be content, and you would never have to worry
about what I'm going through.

As I sit here in the end
thinking about the promises
I made to you.
Do you watch your life go by, hang your head right down
and cry
on the flat-line?

Your dreams die today.
Track Name: My Own Mind
Sticks and stones may break bones,
somethings will never change.
Panic and anxiety exploding out' my brain.
A green light flashes on and off
inside my head.
I better stop now, or soon I'll be dead

I'm flippin' out.
My brain is burnt in colors and all I see is sound.
Oh well, it's too late now.
I better start running as soon as my feet touch ground.

Round and round and back and forth, then back around again.
Am I a part of my own mind? Do you see me or am I pretend?
Rabble-rouser, depth-deifier. Time begins to slow.
A siring pain inside my head. I guess but I don't know.

Beat me blind and knock me senseless.
Put my brain onto the blacklist.
Pray for brain dead and a gun,
pocket of shells. Let's have some fun.
Endless destruction.
Track Name: Dingo
I've got a glass in my hand, spilled half of it on the floor.
It was a tasty treat. Cigarettes and coffee, and DDT.
A little bird told me I'm a nihilist with a misanthropic side.
I said, "Your glass is always half empty when you're the pessimist of pesticides.

I want negation. (Blacked out, the pain id gone.) I want out.

Whips and chains, a dog groping my leg.
A burnt out snail pulling the puppy-dog’s tail.
How like man's best friend to be his closest enemy for all eternity.
The hell-hound roared, the dingo cried, and the hyena giggled.
The hippo sat, the field mouse' skull was cracked and the boy loathed in shit.

"So much for letting go, wake up begin again. Haven't you got your fill today? Premisses you swore to keep were too much for you to bear. I'll just sit and clench the pain away."

Watch the hare challenge the turtle to a rat race.
I find myself in the same old place,
a manic state. Some sort of pleasant nausea and constant pain.
I feel exhausted and sick like a cripple running the same race with a blindfold on, getting sodomized and beaten with a stick.

It's a disease, a constant critique that's got me grinding my teeth. Dis-logic logorrhea. It's like my thoughts are stains, and I need bleach. Phase of the day: Feel my fucking hate.
Track Name: Poppleton Park
It’s you
pushing all the things you do
‘till you turn out black and blue.
You need help up.

you need a helping hand,
someone who can understand
when you find he’s skinned his knee.

An equilibrium,
like two kids stuck on a seesaw.
Lean on each-other with all our weight.
I find with you,
the jungle-gym's never too far away.

It’s me
falling off the monkey-bars,
all covered in scrapes and scars,
both of us all bruised and bloodied.

The simplest things to say are always true.
It’s so hard to find the words to use...

I’ll be there for you.

I feel sick today. A classic case of sand kicked in the face. Can’t put your pants on two legs at a time when you can’t stand on your own. And I try, but I try in vein. It’s so much easier to share the pain.